Ankara Shopping Fest which was organized by Ankara Chamber of Commerce with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Development, Ankara Governorship and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, carried out the communication activities in 2014, our creative team, whose talents and advertising vision we admire.

However, it was not easy to be the communication agency of the project. In order to carry out the advertising activities of the organization, we had to go through a period of fierce competition with other agencies; by completing this exciting adventure where creativity, talents and ideas compete with the first place, we realized the most ambitious work in Ankara shopping festivals.

In order for our target audience to collect memories, have an enjoyable time and have an extraordinary experience, we have determined an inviting, stimulating communication tone that stimulates the urge to experience.

We designed pin icons that reflect the diversity and richness of the project in order to support the festival’s advertising discourse with visual expression. These icons became the advertising symbols of the festival in a very short time and gained a permanent place in the consumer mind.

We brightened the attractive elements of the festival with our creativity in every field where we can contact our target audience, from open air to television, from alternative media to printed applications.

By producing the most effective and different work ever made in the promotion of Ankara shopping festivals; during the organization we increased the number of tourists coming to the city, we had the most lively days of the capital.