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“Nurettin Yay: Insight is the raw material of advertising”

The head of DWT Mandalina Agency, Mr. Yay, evaluated the awards by the Kırmızı Jury as follows;

“The raw material of advertising is insight. A pure insight shaped by the abilities of creative minds can create an effective communication idea that touches the consumers’ feelings, mobilizes the masses, changes perceptions and attitudes. The awarding of our two communication works that we consider with this approach by the Kırmızı Jury is the most valuable indicator of our doing the right thing.”

Alphas of the Future

Generation Z, which started to be at the center of the marketing world a few years ago, started to attract attention again after the pandemic …

How Should Strategic Flexibility be Handled in Brand Management?

It can be defined as a comprehensive road map for the specified purpose …

Creating an Impressive Brand Name that will take place in the memories

Brand name, which is one of the factors affecting the branding process …

How Can Organic Access Provided on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is among the channels that have performed above expectations in recent years …

What Is On The Agenda Of Brands After Pandemic?

One of the issues we have to think about the last 20 years has been climate and environmental changes.

Overview to Brand Mergers

Partnerships of different brands belonging to the same sector; more effective marketing management, efficient resources …


Millet Kütüphanesi

We are the first communication agency of the Presidency National Library, which is designed to shine a bright light on minds with its structure bearing traces of Seljuk, Ottoman and contemporary architecture, aiming to be among the world’s leading libraries in terms of its private collections and services, offering access to millions of resources.

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Mahall Ankara

Realized by Türkerler Holding as the most ambitious mixed project of Ankara, changing the atmosphere of the city with its unique architecture, breathing living spaces and the new life culture it offers, and gaining value with an ever-increasing momentum thanks to its advantageous location, Mahall Ankara’s communication activities were carried out in 2016 by our communication professionals who always keep their creativity and excitement alive.