Why Should You Be On TikTok?

Tiktok, which has emerged as the most popular medium of recent times, is not only an addictive scrolling tool used by the Z generation; The social media platform with the most opportunity to go viral.

It can be said that TikTok is a platform similar to Instagram, but in this medium, the shares are only made through videos. We can say that TikTok, which increases the number of users day by day, is turning into a channel where brands will be located as well as personal accounts.

So, Can TikTok Also Be Used For Businesses?

– The short answer is yes.

– However, it certainly cannot be said to be suitable for every business.

– A few signals that you need to enter the TikTok channel:

– Your goal is to meet the target audience between the ages of 16-30,

– If you want to raise the awareness of your business/brand to a younger audience,

– If you can easily showcase your products/services in a video,

– If you can easily share your brand content,

– If you are open to trying something new,

If you don’t mind spending time experimenting with content and platform, get your business a place on TikTok.

After all, as it is known, TikTok is not a platform where corporateness is reflected and seriousness prevails. For this reason, businesses/brands that publish fun and cheerful content on TikTok and follow trends emerge as the ones that develop the most.

Four Content Types to Promote Your Business on TikTok

We talked about how videos are valuable to Tiktok. But when it comes to how the videos you share should be made and what other sources you can use for content, there’s more to consider.

1. Content Created by the Team

One of the best types of content your business should share on TikTok is videos that you and your team will create.

Here’s what a cute and shareable TikTok video for your business/brand should include:

– Realism: Most users shoot videos with their phones in natural light. Take the same approach in your content.

– Being in Front of the Screen: Being in front of the screen in videos allows interaction with the target audience. Users do not track objects; They want to watch people. Therefore, get in front of the screen.

– Elements Used: Add elements to your videos that will appeal to popular audiences, such as animals, children, and food.

– Humor: Users flock to TikTok to escape the tension, so include humor in your content and post videos that make people smile.

– Relevance: Users watch, share and like content that they understand and can relate to. Do not present your content as in traditional advertising.

– Streams: Users like to join social media streams. Try to generate streams that TikTok users will want to join in the fun.

The ultimate goal of your videos is to make your business/brand viral. However, that is of course easier said than done. The more you take advantage of the above features, the more likely you are to increase engagement.

2. User Generated Content

The more you create and share video content and increase your following, the more likely members of your audience to engage with you. Users can recreate your videos (especially funny or unusual ones), use your products in videos, record responses to your videos, or “duet” with your videos. These produced content is a great opportunity to engage with your audience and share additional content on your account.

Also consider how many videos are posted by millions of users every day. There is a possibility that your business or related products were used or mentioned before you joined TikTok. Search for and interact with these videos. A great way to find user-generated content is to search for hashtags related to your company, industry or product.

3. Ads

As of mid-2020, TikTok has officially launched its new advertising platform called TikTok For Business. TikTok For Business acts as a marketing hub for business accounts. This development is another tool that shows TikTok is pro-business. Here are the different types of ads you can use:

– TopView: The ad that the user sees when they first open the app.

– Infeed Videos: The type of ad that appears in user content. These ads; can help you increase clicks, web traffic, and downloads.

– Brand Takeovers: Allows brands to create images, GIFs and videos that link to web pages or promote hashtag streams. This advertising option exists to increase brand awareness.

– Hashtag Streams: Gives you a chance to promote the branded hashtags you create to increase engagement and awareness.

– Branded Effects: A method of branding that a business can place in the foreground or background of a video. These content often contain popular elements such as a brand or logo.

4. Influencer Generated Content

You may have experienced the success of the influencer marketing method on other platforms. Inluencer marketing is also actively used and successful when it comes to TikTok.

Influencer Categories Collaborating on Tiktok:

– Influencers with a large number of followers or a highly engaged audience

– Influencers who have worked with brands or products similar to your own

– Active influencers in your industry (such as beauty, fitness, lifestyle, etc.)

You need to be strategic about who you’re working with. Even though TikTok is a liberal platform in terms of content, users will remember what you share, so be sure of the decisions you make.

Dwt Mandalina | Meltem Kaysı | Social media expert

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