2023 Advertising Trends

We wanted to take a look at today’s advertising practices and predictions with the trends predicted at the beginning of this year! After asking ourselves which trends were predicted correctly and which ones will be on our agenda next year, we have compiled the following trends for communicators and brand managers.

Video Ads Are Getting Shorter!!

As we mentioned in our previous blog posts, there are reasons why the attention economy has increased in importance. Today’s consumers have little patience, time and attention for long videos. In fact, more than 25% of adults state that they will close a video after only 10 seconds, while more than half of them say that they will close it after 20 seconds.

In the coming year, you can plan your advertising budgets and investments to create shorter videos.

Consumers Demand Authenticity in Social Media Ads!

While advertisers try to increase efficiency through non-human resources, consumers expect more unique messages, especially from Gen-Z brands/advertisements. Correspondingly, another striking factor is that the vast majority of consumers trust more human-created content than brand content.

Marketing and advertising professionals can strive to strike a balance between typical brand content and user-generated content that reflects the human side of the brand.

AI Begins to Play an Important Role in Advertising!

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are fueling a revolution in various businesses. The AI Industry was measured at $9.5 billion in 2018, $27 billion in 2019, and is expected to exceed $250 billion by 2027. Although it is a bit difficult to catch up with this in Turkey, you can continue to follow the developments and increase your knowledge.

Audio Ads on the Rise!

The interest in audio advertisements is increasing, the increasing importance of audio especially among child consumers is remarkable! We see the effect of audio advertisements in the adult group as well. According to research results, 44% of full-office or hybrid workers say they listen to music on the way to work; 38% are browsing social media at the same time. In order to apply this rising trend to brands, it may be wise to work with sound engineers who are experts in their field.

Remembering that following the trends will add value to your brand, do not forget to follow the updated information on your blog!

Dwt Mandalina | Nurettin Yay | Agency Head

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