Influencer Categories by Number of Followers

The influencer community, which is now discovered by all brands, that its effect on purchasing decisions is undeniable, has become an integral part of digital marketing processes. While those who invest in the future of their brand with Influencer collaborations continue to win, those who still prefer to stay away from this issue, unfortunately, have to miss some advantages.

While the place of social media in our lives is increasing day by day, the chances of brands that do not turn to influencer marketing and act abstention are lagging behind in the challenging world of digital. We have prepared a content in which the influencer mass, which has become so important for brands and provides direct access to large audiences, is categorized according to follower rank and gathered under certain headings. Come, let’s see who appeals to which audience in the influencer world and how they are named:

For Millions: Mega Influencer

Influencer collaborations are one of the most effective marketing ways brands apply today. The number of followers is at the top of the criteria that determines the choice of influencer according to the target of the communication study of the brand. An influencer that has at least 1 million and over 1 million followers on social media platforms, is not specific to a particular segment and does not have a niche target audience, is defined as a mega influencer.

Generally, we can explain as people who have the highest budget, who can reach quite a lot of people in the shortest way, and who are highly known and impressive. Mega influencers who empower social media marketing can make great contributions to the marketing and sales process of brands. However, the important point here covers certain topics such as the purpose of the brand, what it aims with the cooperation it will carry out, and which audience it wants to confront. In order to realize a highly returnable influencer cooperation, it is important to choose carefully with whom to go and to make a suitable choice.

Wide Effect: Macro Influencer

People with 500 thousand to 1 million followers in the Influencer category are defined as macro influencers. Although they have a smaller number of followers than mega influencers, their interaction rates and interest in their content can be much higher. Generally, people who have achieved reputation on the digital platform who can successfully execute content production and create their own domains are in this category. Brands have started to prefer to collaborate with these people who are more specific and capturing the audience in a specific field.

High Interaction: Micro Influencer

Revealing that the level of influence is no longer measured only by the number of followers and increasing their preference with a strong interaction rate, micro influencers have recently managed to enter the focus of brands. Since micro influencers, who have an average of 10 thousand to 50 thousand followers, can reach the right people in a communication work to be carried out in a specific area, the success rate is quite high because they appeal to a niche target audience. Now, brands believe that it would be beneficial to cooperate with micro influencers who have a target audience interested in their product or service instead of influencers with too many followers. Another point that supports this idea is the trust and closeness of the target audience towards micro influencers. Micro influencers always interact with their target audience and have an accessible image that gives confidence with their choices.

Small but Effective: Nano Influencer

Nano influencers, the shining stars of recent times, are the newest members of content marketing. As we mentioned above, the effect of infleuncers is unfortunately no longer dependent on the number of followers. Nano influencers, who can communicate one-on-one with the audience they speak to, have the power to direct, and address a small but concise follower group, have approximately 500 to 10 thousand users. These people, who are generally preferred by brands that offer a niche product or service, have a sincere and realistic relationship with their limited audience. It is thought that nano influencers will be on the rise in the near future in order to influence users in a certain area instead of reaching very large masses. You can also take a look at our blog content titled “Rising Star of the New Era: Influencer Marketing” if you want to examine the evaluations of influencer people who are seen as the shining stars of social media and the marketing process carried out by these people and brands, which reflect the power of influence in content marketing.

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