How to Find an Inspirational Vision?

Vision is one of the first expressions we look for and examine in a brand. Most of the time, it has become a target that the brand has been asking the agencies to produce by experiencing a confusion. Even though the use of the word “vision” more than enough and everywhere and using sentences that do not feel anything but dreamy when read reduces the power of the word a little, still correctly expressed visions can change the destiny of the brand.

The visions that some brands express carelessly in two or three sentences actually provide a unifying power, motivation and guidance for growing brands. Therefore, visions have a very shaping dynamic.

Well; how can the vision, which should be aspirational, inspiring, progressive, at times compelling, unifying, be achieved?

First of all, it is necessary to start by understanding the brand, and who knows the brand best can create the most accurate vision. Of course, this is not possible with briefs or acquaintances. It is necessary to listen and learn about the failures of the brand, its story, and the experiences of its founders.

The second step is to focus on uniqueness. Focusing on a quality that will enable your brand to be the first, otherwise, to produce and to adopt expressions that emphasize being the first, to identify with the brand become one of the ways to find a good vision.

Finding the vision is not an easy process. When you ask the question “What should I take as a basis when looking for a vision?”, you need to focus on the right sources of inspiration. These sources of inspiration may be the performance of the product, the product category, the expertise of the brand, its history, the company’s knowledge and experience, the role of the company / brand, the meaning of the brand.

When you examine these sources of inspiration listed above under a heading; when you elaborate with questions, you will have an essence in your hand. After this point, when you share the essence you have obtained with communication professionals, the ideal vision will be prepared for you.

If you want to redefine the fate of your brand and create a strong vision, you can get support from a full service agency.

Dwt Mandalina / Ayşegül Baysal / Digital Strategist

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