Communicators and industry leaders who claim that the future is in mobile marketing were not mistaken and literally, with the effects of the pandemic period, “The Future Has Arrived!”

While many companies have achieved admirable success in mobilization and digitalization, some companies are doubtful about where to start and want to make sure that the steps they are taking are correct. For this reason, we have listed the basic steps for brands that are keen on mobilization.

Thinking Mobile:

Your customers adapt to developments in technology much faster than any other brand. For this reason, you should always think mobile without losing your consumer perspective. It is necessary to think mobile, rethink processes and transform existing structures.

Mobile Strategies:

You should inform your executive staff about mobile strategies and plan all stages of marketing in accordance with mobile marketing dynamics, from product design to promotion, from pricing to determining a sales channel.

Software Including Users:

Brands who want to achieve success in mobile marketing should also work on interface designs and the practicality of software. In content production, studies on old techniques as well as new technologies should be done.

Updated Messages:

We know that consumers do not want to see advertising messages anytime, anywhere, but we have to give our message so that we can sell. Creativity and different designs are what will save us in this dilemma. Getting a professional agency service on updated design languages will be one of the right steps you will take in mobile marketing.

Consumer Needs:

Creating messages in line with the expectations of consumers will increase the effectiveness of mobile marketing. For this reason, you should listen to your consumers, try to look at life as they do, and analyze their needs.

Authorized Marketing:

In order not to put your brand in an unattractive position, you should pay attention to the time of the messages you send to your consumers and be sensitive about your search frequency. To give a simple example; remember how many times a day and how often banks call to offer credit card, and how irritating these calls can bother you. To avoid falling into this position, be sensitive to hours, days and frequency, even if the consumer allows you to call or text.

If you need more support and information on mobile marketing, you can get help from a full service agency.

Dwt Mandalina / Ayşegül Baysal / Digital Strategist

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