We Are Social Digital Report 2021, which offers the opportunity to interpret the dynamics of the digital world and contains rich content on digital data from all over the world, is published! This first report with global data is very instructive about digital developments around the world. Although the report prepared by countries has been published once a year, we have examined the report, which we will get an idea about the digital changes in our country through general data, for you in this content:

What Does Worldwide Digital Data Say?

In the world with a population of 7.83 billion, 5.22 billion people use mobile phones, 4.66 billion internet users and 4.2 billion people stand out as active social media users.

How Do We Use Our Daily Time on the Internet?

When we look at the evaluations around the world, as a result of the digital age, we spend about 7 hours on the internet during the day. We watch a movie, TV series or program on TV for 3.5 hours on average. We spend 2.5 hours online on social media, 2 hours reading books or magazines, 1.5 hours listening to music, 1 hour listening to radio and podcasts, and playing games for 1 hour. With this table, we see once again how intensively digital platforms and devices have turned into our daily routines during the day.

Global Internet Usage Overview

According to We Are Social 2021 Report, which draws attention to the fact that there are 4.6 billion internet users worldwide, we spend 7 hours of our day online. While we provide 92% of our internet access through mobile devices, we see once again that the effort to exist in the digital world is increasing day by day and becoming a part of our lives.

How Much Do We Spend Today On The Internet?

You’ve spent time on the internet in today’s Turkey is still above the world average, and we see that more in-cycle for 1 hour. With this data, we realize again that our online behaviors are in a transformation towards habit.

For What Purpose We Use the Internet Most?

One of our main reasons for using the internet, which we will define as an integral part of us, which gives us the luxury of accessing every information we wonder, is to research and obtain information. We see that among the reasons we use the internet, where we spend almost 7 hours today, the topics such as communicating with our family and friends, following news and events come to the fore.

What Are The Most Visited Websites?

According to SemRush results, Google is at the top of the list of the websites that are clicked on and which are flooded with visitors! This is followed by YouTube and Facebook.

What Are The Most Common Languages for Web Content?

We Are Social Report in 2021 we reached the beautiful data in this table for Turkey, the Turkish production on the content of the most common languages, we see that # 4 is located. Turkey, which have strong potential in the digital world of content production, underlines the success of this list.

Which Searches Did Google Answer the Most?

Google, the first thing we used to learn, find and discover, encountered the most words Google, Facebook and YouTube in 2020. As an effect of the pandemic in the agenda of 2020, the word Coronavirus was ranked 6th.

How Online Content Was Consumed?

We have experienced noticeable changes in our tendencies towards online content consumption in the recent periods when we stayed at home and became more online with the effect of the pandemic. When we look at the evaluations and results in the We Are Social 2021 Report, we once again see the undeniable power of video content. The report highlights that 90% of the time we spend online is for online video content.

Global Social Media Users Snapshot

We see that social media users around the world increased approximately twice between 2016-2021, and we witness once again the importance and rise of social media in our lives.

How Does Social Media Users Compare With Total Population?

The United Arab Emirates, which has a social media user rate of 99%, ranks first in the table comparing the rate of social media users by country and the total population. List of 70% of the total population in our country, we look at the data, we see that social media users in Turkey. Once again, we draw attention to the fact that the use of social media is very high in our country.

Evaluation of Social Media Users According to Age and Gender

When we look at the data around the world, we see that social media is mostly used in the 24-34 age group, and that female users use social media more than male users.

How Much Time Do We Spend on Social Media?

Although there is a perception that Facebook’s popularity has decreased, its unwavering success did not change this year and took the first place. Facebook, which is at the top of the list, is followed by platforms such as YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

For What Purposes Do We Use Social Media?

Our hands go to him at any time during the day, we cannot stop without looking, and we almost cannot spend a day without social media. But for what purposes do we turn to social media? According to the We Are Social 2021 Report, we spend time on social media platforms to learn about news and events, consume entertaining content, and spend our free time.

How the Facebook’s Situation Around the World?

Despite the perception that Facebook is losing its popularity in our country, we see that the We Are Social 2021 Report data say otherwise. Facebook, which is still one of the most visited platforms, shows that nothing has changed as it is the most suitable channel for many brands.

Facebook Access Ranking Overview

Looking at the data in the report Turkey’s advertising access to Facebook’s most used worldwide, we see that the 12 countries.

How the Instagram’s Situation Around the World?

Looking at the data in the report, Instagram continues to be among the most popular platforms with more than 1 billion users as of January 2021.

Instagram Reach Ranking Overview

Its popularity continued unabated, every day new users to the door after so hungry Instagram for advertising access ratings Browse When Turkey in Europe Instagram’ı most active and using the country as a step forward, while worldwide we see that in the 6th place.

How the YouTube’s Situation Around the World?

YouTube, which is one of the platforms with the most users with video content, continues to cross borders with an unstoppable growth. It continues to maintain its first place with 2 billion users.

YouTube Reach Ranking Overview

In order to access the most active worldwide in countries using the YouTube platform, we see that Turkey is 12.

How the LinkedIn’s Situation Around the World?

Bringing together professionals of the business world, LinkedIn continues to rise rapidly and continues to be one of the most popular platforms with more than 700 million users today. LinkedIn advertising access ranking, we see that Turkey is 14.

Twitter Reach Ranking Overview

Standing out as an informative and humorous thinking platform that provides information about the developments on the agenda, Twitter has more than 300 million users worldwide. According to the report Turkey, it ranks 7th among the most active countries that use the Twitter platform.

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