Get Your Brand Likes With An Effective Instagram Marketing!

Defined as the most popular of social media channels, Instagram offers many advantages for brands when used with the right marketing tactics. As an online meeting point with the target audience, a tool that increases brand loyalty, and a source that supports sales targets and strengthens brand image, it is among the first places that are on the rise.

When the right steps are implemented and the strategies to be followed on Instagram are planned in an integrated manner with changing trends, it becomes easier to reach the targets with the increase of brand value. Let’s take a look at our content, where we include information that will create hints for brands in Instagram marketing:

Take the First Step by Switching to Business Profile/strong>

Reveal your brand’s presence on Instagram by having a business profile. You need to have a business profile to create and manage your advertising campaigns and to evaluate the data and analysis in the statistics section. The business profile, which allows you to see the interaction rates on your page and the data results provided by your posts, will also be useful for reflecting your brand’s corporate image on social media.

Set Up Your Content Planning Before Going On

Creating a successful content planning is at the top of the points to be considered in Instagram marketing. Content planning, which is a key to the interaction with users, will enable you to decide in advance how many posts you will place in a week, how often your content should be presented to users, in which order you will present different concepts, in what type of content you will create, at what time of the day you will share.

Let Your Profile Promote Your Brand in the Best Way

Another strategy you should follow while getting ready to meet users on Instagram is profile editing, which will allow you to reflect the strong impact of the first impression to your brand in a positive way. This section, where you will invest in your brand image, should allow the most accurate positioning of your brand in the minds of the users. Contact information about your brand, a brief descriptive text of your product or service are the criteria that should be included in your profile. Keeping your profile up to date by following the rapidly changing trends of Instagram will provide an advantage for your brand.

The highlighted section in the profile area has been on the rise as one of the sections that has been used actively in recent years and most visited when users want to get information by doing research. You can evaluate this section as a place where you can show the areas you serve separately, exhibit your curiosity about your brand, and fix your interaction-oriented story sharing in your online showcase. You can get a profile view with an aesthetic design with remarkable cover images.

Determine When You Need to Share

In order for Instagram to be used effectively as a tool that benefits the brand, it should be prioritized to be interaction-oriented. In Instagram, which builds its algorithm on receiving interaction, it is important to have a high rate of likes, comments, in other words, in order for your posts to reach a wide range of users.

One of the ways to achieve this is to be able to appear before users at the right time. By accessing statistics through your business profile, you can access data about your target audience, their active hours and movements, and evaluate the users specific to the segment your brand appeals to. Since the time interval that Instagram users are active varies according to each sector, you can determine the most accurate sharing time by analyzing the users in your segment.

Increase Your Visibility With Stories

Story content has been on the rise, causing the frequency of post sharing to decrease compared to stories. Content that is consumed quickly on digital platforms attracts more attention from users and directs brands towards sharing in this direction. The Instagram story section has managed to be the area that users browse the most during the day. You can turn the popularity of this area into an advantage for your brand, and you can manage to be considered frequently.

The trick to pay attention here is to produce content that will not bore users, offer the same and similar content, and force them to quit following. It becomes important to develop content that is compatible with your brand, that is not only sales-oriented and that will facilitate your connection with users by providing interaction. Capturing trends that have become trending on Instagram and applying them to your brand will also help you gain the likes of users.

Collaborate with the Right Target Audience for a Micro Influencer

Collaborating with Influencer has become one of the most preferred Instagram marketing strategies for brands in recent times. This strategy, which recognizes the power to introduce your brand to millions in a short time, can be successful when it is set up correctly. An influencer that has a large user base but is followed by people who are not interested in your sector will not lead you to success. For this reason, micro influencer collaborations, which have developed a sense of trust by users and offer the opportunity to determine a target audience, increase their preference. You can invest in your brand awareness and increase your sales activities by cooperating with a micro influencer that has the right target audience for your brand and has established a trust relationship.

Avoid Appearing Sales Focused

Using designs that will increase the impact on Instagram, where visuality is at the forefront compared to other social media channels, will make your brand stand out. Another important point will be what you offer to users with your content and what kind of interaction you create. Even if the basis of your activities on Instagram is for your sales, sharing in accordance with the dynamics of the media will create a critical move for your brand to be successful.

Telling users only about your products or services and providing only sales-oriented information will reduce the attractiveness of the brand and, in some cases, cause unfollowing. You can add fun, informative and up-to-date content that you will interact with the target audience to your sharing plan, and make them connect with the brand.

Carefully Use Hashtags

The hashtag feature that allows your content to meet with more people on Instagram can give positive results if used correctly. While it is preferred to use hashtags too much in the early days of Instagram, recently using hashtags in a concise and effective way allows more users to reach. You can use this feature effectively with different methods such as hashtags consistent with your brand, a unique hashtag for you, hashtag that you can integrate into your seasonal campaigns and encourage sharing.

Track Your Performances and Develop Your Brand

Continuously analyzing data such as statistics, advertising campaign results provided by Instagram and measuring your performance will contribute to your evaluation of your brand’s goals. The advertising strategies you should follow in your next campaign will be an important step in determining the points where you need to change your content plan.

You can get a professional service and take strong steps in social media to get more comprehensive information about the marketing strategies that can be followed on Instagram, one of the most popular channels of social media, and to reach a wider audience by strengthening your brand positioning in this channel.

Dwt Mandalina / Dilşat İLDİZ / Advertising Writer

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