Advertisers Love Creativity, Creativity Loves Diligence

Every client who knocks on the door of the agency carries the expectation of a creative job, a campaign, young people who have just started the profession are burning with the desire to be creative, seeking inspiration, the common question of our interns is “How can I be creative?”.

Although all of these are very beautiful, idealistic and show the passion for the profession and the respect for the work we do, I see that people do not actually answer the question of what creativity is, and they do not know what qualities make a job creative. For this reason, I wanted to tell young people what creativity is, what it takes to be creative, and show our business partners how to look at a job from a creative perspective.

Being sensitive to problems, defects, lack of information, missing items and incompatibility, recognizing difficulties, searching for solutions, making predictions and developing solutions to deficiencies, changing existing thoughts, redefining borders and communicating the result is creativity. Of course, there are many different definitions of creativity. However, I think this is the definition that best suits our profession. If we need to shorten the definition and make it more specific, I can summarize as follows, creativity is a process that includes rationality, flexibility and originality. Like every phenomenon, creativity can occur under the right conditions, and these right conditions are of course hidden in the creative mind.

Young people who are exploring how to be creative should first ask themselves the following questions; “Am I curious?”, “Do I understand the metaphor?”, “Do my intuitions and emotions go in line with my knowledge?” The answers to these questions should include rational, original and flexible thinking ability, problem solving skills and the capacity to think continuously in a short time.

Let’s talk about the features that make an idea creative; creative works must be inspired by an insight where the brand meets the consumer. Otherwise, ideas that are the product of your creativity will neither touch the mind nor the heart. I can summarize the qualities that make an idea creative as follows;

It should be rational; one should look at how many and functional the ideas presented for a question – the problem. After presenting your problem, you should pour out the solution offered to you. If all your questions are answered quickly, you are on the right track.

It must be original; it should have qualities that are unique to ordinary answers.

It should be detailed; responses and scenarios should be able to be detailed and comprehensive.

Abstractness; metaphors come into play at this point, the fact that the discourse you choose also has connotations is a quality that shows that it is creative.

Continuity; creativity requires continuity rather than a process with its only trump card. If the ideas presented are suitable for continuity, your idea carries an additional value.

Creativity is a very talked and written concept, I would like to share my thoughts on creative ads next week. Keep trying to be creative until the next post, never think that I have no talent, and remember talent is in love with diligence and hard work.

Dwt Mandalina / Nurettin YAY / Head of the Agency

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