What will be the Marketing Trends of 2021?

We are leaving behind a year when the dynamics of the marketing, advertising and art world were redefined and the importance of digitalization and virtual environments was put into practice. In this article, we have gathered our deductions from what happened this year and our predictions for the next year.

Rediscovering and protecting brand values will become as important as protecting brand reputation!

After the pandemic, the perception of consumers continues to change by evolving on issues such as health, values and life. Brand managers will need to find the values that will appeal to these changes in their DNA and give the importance they give to reputation studies. Of course, how these values are perceived in the world of consumers will meet us as another important topic.

Technology and R&D investments will continue to increase contrary to expectations!

Even though many companies are downsizing, companies working in technology will continue to allocate large budgets for developments without withdrawing their investments. The pandemic era has shown once again that the digitized will survive. All brands that do not want to experience similar global crises will reconsider their budget plans.

Virtual and augmented reality will gain momentum!

This situation is on the agenda of the last five years, but this time the situation is a little different. More often, we will see environments designed for consumers who cannot leave their homes and try to live with new normals. Brands that make the necessary investments in this field will create a faster and more effective experience journey with their customers.

Micro-Influencers will become more popular in the marketing world!

Influencer marketing welcomes us as a channel we are all familiar with. This will continue in 2021, but brands will now prefer to work with micro-influencers with less followers and more compatible with their brand values. In other words, brand managers will try to act with a consistent strategy in this regard.

In addition to the above predictions; as each of us may guess; the use of artificial intelligence, testing of new advertising models, and the rise of video content will be trends that will meet us in 2021.

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Dwt Mandalina / Ayşegül Baysal / Digital Strategist

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