Trends to Steer Social Media Marketing in 2021

In 2020, where we had to be in a social isolation environment with the effect of the pandemic, we had both difficult and different experiences, and the use of social media and online communication across the world has also skyrocketed.

As they prepare to meet 2021, it is predicted that brands will shape and strengthen their marketing strategies through social media platforms, which are on the rise with the pandemic for a while. In 2021, brands will shape the roadmap by optimizing corporate reputation studies, sales-oriented e-commerce activities, user-oriented personalized marketing operations and digital campaigns targeting interaction according to the new dynamics of social media channels. Let’s take a look at the trends that brands can use in social media strategies:

Relationship Marketing is Getting Importance

Consumers of the modern age, surrounded by digital advertisements, are becoming increasingly insensitive and losing interest in the ad campaigns they encounter during the day. At this point, the most important factor that makes brands differentiate and get closer to the target audience is the feeling of trust. Brands that will include content and strategies that foster a sense of trust in social media marketing, will care about user views, and carry out interaction and user-focused campaigns will be able to take firm steps towards success in 2021. Instead of shaping social media strategies over product and sales, it will become important to conduct relationship marketing with a focus on consumer value and continuity. Strengthening and bonding with existing customers rather than gaining new customers will bring success to brands in 2021.

Orientation to Campaigns Supporting Corporate Image

Social events, social responsibility issues, environmental and climate crises took place in the focus and agenda of all humanity while experiencing a process of change that the world is going through. Brands that aim to raise awareness, invest in social awareness, support mass initiatives and bring this flow to social media channels will be able to support both their corporate reputation and marketing strategies. Brands that keep silent and miss to follow the agenda will distance themselves from the target audience. Users will continue to stand by the brands they can connect with.

Increasing Effectiveness of Short Video Formats

TikTok, which is one of the most used social media platforms with its increasing popularity and popularity, has included the short video format into our lives. A format similar to TikTok, one of the important tools used by many brands to reach large audiences, was presented to users as Reels videos by Instagram. While the increase in content consumption makes it difficult to attract the attention of users, we started to see that video content provides much more interaction. Brands that integrate the motion video format into social media marketing and succeed in conveying the message they want to give to the users in a short time will be able to reach the target of high interaction in 2021. At the same time, YouTube, which places video content at the center of our lives, will continue to be one of the most powerful channels for brands to reach their goals and meet consumers.

E-Commerce Activities to be Supported by Social Media Platforms

The concept of social commerce has emerged as brands support their activities to increase their e-commerce purchases through social media channels. Especially Facebook and Instagram stores, shopping features such as product tagging, swipe option provide a great advantage for brands to support their e-commerce activities. Shopping-oriented add-ons, which are predicted to increase on social media platforms in 2021, will constitute important steps in improving the sales activities of brands.

Micro Influencer Marketing Will Be Preferred

Micro influencer marketing, as an approach that strengthens the definition of influencer marketing, which has a great impact on the purchasing behavior of consumers, and presents it with a special audience focus, will be preferred by brands more in 2021. Collaborating with a smaller number of micro influencers, but with a high audience, instead of influencers with a high number of followers, will enable brands to meet with a loyal consumer with a sense of trust.

The changing strategies and marketing activities with the pandemic that affected the world both forced brands and enabled them to turn the crisis into an opportunity. In the pandemic process, which will continue to have global effects in 2021, you can take professional communication consultancy services to increase your brand’s goals and support your sales activities with social media marketing, and you can step into the new year with strong strategies.

Dwt Mandalina / Dilşat İLDİZ

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