Request of Each Brand; Sticky Ideas

Many of our partners, from brands that have just started advertising and communication activities to brands that have been working with us for many years and have experience in advertising, want us to create advertising messages that will be effective, unforgettable, will take place in the memory of the mass. These advertising messages, which we call “sticky” in the sector, can actually provide entertainment for the target audience due to their simple and unexpected features, while minimizing the disturbance of advertisements.

So, how should sticky ads be created, what are the qualities that sticky ideas should contain? Chip and Dan Heath, who ask this question in the marketing world, list six basic steps in their books named Made to Stick. If you want to develop sticky ideas or test the ideas presented to you by your agency, you can follow these steps.

Simplicity: Simplicity, which is the most basic feature that every successful idea and advertisement should carry, is also here. Short and plain expressions, single-sentence expressions can be called the raw material of sticky ideas.

To be surprising: As Oğuz Atay said, “good things happen suddenly…” In order for ideas to be permanent, people must be able to surprise them by breaking their expectations.

Concreteness: The effect of ideas that appeal to the senses and messages that move away from abstract expressions are stronger.

Credibility: In this step, it is necessary to work on the psychology of persuasion and to convince the target audience.

Emotions: Although people seem rational, they actually make decisions with their emotions. Therefore, it is very important to evoke emotions.

Stories: It is very valuable to create stories in order to envision events in the minds of the target audience and to make them accept ideas.

If you also need sticky ideas for your brand, you can get a professional agency service.

Dwt Mandalina / Ayşegül Baysal / Digital Strategist

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