To Be An Employer Brand That Increases Employee Loyalty!

Today’s strong brands draw attention with their wide range of activities in internal communication as well as in external communication and having an employer brand perspective. One of the first steps is to become a preferred company, to make it sustainable by creating employee loyalty, and to offer activities that adopt a culture of appreciation and appreciation to move forward with highly motivated employees.

Companies that do not measure the success rate only in the focus of the customer, but first focus on their employees, can achieve a strong brand image. The basic building blocks of the identity of the employer brand are to establish a connection with the employees who make up the internal target audience, to nurture the sense of belonging, to make the brand a point of attraction for the potential target audience as well as to arouse the desire to be under the roof of the company in question. Which steps should be followed in internal communication for the employer brand that supports the development of its employees and can connect with its employees with its promises and values, we have listed for you in this content:

Companies that Support Personal Development of Employees’ Choice

The rapidly changing conditions of the modern age create a desire for individuals to have knowledge in every field, to equip them with distinctive features and to develop their competence areas. For employees, this is more than just having a job, it is a desire to work with companies that invest in themselves. Promises such as trainings that support personal equipment, seminars and certificate programs that provide the opportunity to acquire new areas of expertise, and awards that increase motivation increase employee loyalty.

GittiGidiyor, an eBay brand, is one of the employer brands that invest in the career development of its employees. GittiGidiyor offers Coaching and Leadership Training to its employees by expert trainers regularly provided through eBay; supports the acquisition of competencies such as team management, coaching, and efficient time management. It aims to improve both personal and career planning by sending its employees, who have reached executive positions as a result of the trainings, to long-term leadership programs in eBay’s California campus.

Culture of Appreciation Nurtures A Feeling of Belonging

Maintaining employee loyalty is as important as establishing it. At the center of productivity and sustainable activities in the work environment; a culture of appreciation and appreciation. Company profiles, which offer activities that reflect the culture of appreciation to their employees in internal communication, can achieve an employer brand identity. Brands that take employees’ opinions and listen to their voices can join the ranks of those who maintain this identity.

Coca-Cola, one of the employer brands that attaches importance to the adoption and internalization of company values, annually presents the Values ​​Champion award, which it recognizes and rewards its high-performing employees. The Values ​​Champion application, in which people who reflect the company’s values ​​such as leadership, cooperation, passion, diversity, responsibility and honesty are selected, aims to increase and develop the sense of belonging of the employees.

Instant on-site managers appreciate the importance of Microsoft Turkey as a result of attention given to performance measurement and evaluation issues for employees in the team and the other team is also responsible for giving gift cards for the purpose of assigning appreciated. Employees can use these gift cards for dinner with their loved ones or for social activity events.

Creating Employee Experience Matters

A business life that is designed only to fulfill daily duties during working hours causes inefficient results for both the employee and the employer and the acceleration of success decreases. Creating employee experience is the way to create a desire, such as adding value and contributing to the company they belong to.

Encouraging employees to be involved in the projects they take part in with their own ideas, suggestions and strategies, and allowing them to contribute, helps the development of employee experience with a sense of responsibility. For this reason, providing opportunities for employees to share their ideas, both in face-to-face communication and on digital platforms, is one of the important values in today’s business life.

In order to create a strong brand image and sustainable employer brand identity, a long-term roadmap should be determined in line with the analysis of the target audience, revealing the needs and the right strategies. You can contact us if you want to get a professional service in communication processes in order to start with the employer brand image and to have a preferred company vision.

Dwt Mandalina / Dilşat İldiz / Advertising Writer

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