How Future Generation Z Has Been Affected by the Pandemic?

The generation y, which was at the center of the advertising and marketing world fivedecades ago, on which research was conductedand on which budget, time and other resources were allocated for their commitment, is beingreplaced by the generation z.

The generation z, whose characteristics we have learned and observed with new research, has experienced a great social turning point with us.

So, what kind of effects did this breakdown have on them, how can brands that are currently focusing on generation z respond to these changes?

A new report made and prepared with Generation Z members aged 13-23 shows that young people are the most anxious generation.

This generation is worried about many issues from the way they express themselves to their physical appearance; although they seem to keep up with the routine changes they experience during the pandemic process, it is obvious that their anxiety rates increase. The interruption of formal education, restriction of socializing with peers, uncertainties about the future of the world,etc. many factors increase the anxiety rate.

This generation, which is libertarian, innovative, and enjoys independence, needs understanding the most while living within constraints. In this sense, it will be advantageous for brands to develop their empathy skills, to construct messages supported by research focusing on psychological and social psychology, to include quality in their marketing mix, and to respond to concerns in every sense and in every field. The replacement of dynamics such as restrictions, conditions, preconditions in communication or sales models by facilitating and inviting dynamics would be another alternative. To give a simple example; Instead of a single discount option, discount alternatives can be offered at the same time so that this audience can feel comfortable, choose and psychologically find confidence and comfort in  the area of the brand. 40% discount may not be the only option, it can be turned into different options such as 40% discount, 3 buy 2 pay, 2 half price.

Of course, there is only one example given above and suitable for B2C brands, but if you havedifferent needs and want to target the Z generation, you can contact us for our consultancy. Byanalyzing your target generation that changes with social breakdowns, we can contribute to yoursuccessful results by including creativity as well as knowledge in marketing and communicationmodels.

Dwt Mandalina / Ayşegül Baysal / Dijital Stratejist

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