New Tactics in Marketing Communication

The term phygital marketing, which was first introduced in 2007, is considered as a newconcept, but it is actually a marketing methodthat has been in our lives for a long time.

Phygital marketing is a frequently used tactic that emerged as a result of analyzing consumer expectations of brands looking for new channels in the digital world with the ever-developingtechnology.

So how was this tactic born?

The findings obtained regarding consumer needs, expectations and perceptions show that the consumer wants to see the outputs in the digital world with traditional methods. Especially the x and y generations attach great importance to this experience. Combining the digitalization of marketing and the consumer need to see physical output, communicators have combinedtraditional methods with digital marketing.

Phygital marketing is seen as a creative marketing method that allows brands to meet consumer expectations and produce digital projects, and draws attention as an innovative method of delivering messages to the target audience with new experiences.

Brands can easily apply this tactic even in their daily communications. The most basic example ofphygital marketing is the active use of social media by traditional brands and creating gift / award-winning content.

If you want to learn more about the phygital marketing tactic and integrate it with your brand, youcan get professional help.

Dwt Mandalina / Ayşegül Baysal / Digital Strategist

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