Decision Mechanism in Purchasing Process Emotions!

In today’s conditions, the number of days spent without purchasing any product is almost negligible and the main point that causes us to take action when we are warned to consume with advertisements that appear every moment; we have more feelings than our needs!

The strategy of touching emotions that lead brands to success allows the consumer to connect with the brand, while also ensuring the realization of the targeted behavior. While television, radio, and open air channels reveal products to our eyes to buy something new every moment, technology, the rising star of the modern age, surrounds us on the other hand, coming after us to activate our emotions with digital platform ads. Let’s take a look at how emotions that change the needs criteria and manage shopping experiences affect the purchasing process:

Marketers Use Basic Instincts

The basic instincts that guide our actions are in the focus of marketers and stand out as one of the effective tools in concluding the purchasing process with action. Through messages and images that stimulate basic instincts, marketers stimulate emotions and ensure the purchase of the product. While the images we see, the messages we hear have an effect on hormones, uncontrollable emotions turn the moment of encountering the product into an act of buying.

The Emotion is Buying, not the Product anymore

The point of view adopted in the marketing world is to touch emotions, which is the main factor that accelerates the purchasing process, and the subcomponents of this factor also increase their effectiveness. Social, cultural and psychological factors have great power over purchasing decisions.

We turn to brands that can connect with us, we feel close and we take the action to buy. With the product we choose, we also buy the values ​​offered by that product, and we feed the motives we desire to have with our shopping experiences. It is no longer valid for a product of any brand to only meet the real needs, it becomes important that it also appeals to our expectations and feelings.

In today’s changing conditions, the rise of brands that are able to establish a connection with consumers by aiming to create brand loyalty and trust is inevitable. Investing in the feelings of the consumer, addressing the consumer by touching expressions and feelings before words; As it gains importance, the brand needs to define its target audience well and determine its strategy accordingly. Taking a professional service to manage the process with a strategy planning that believes and touches the power of emotions in reaching the target audience helps the brand to achieve success with sure steps.

 Dwt Mandalina / Dilşat İldiz / Advertising Writer

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