E-mail Marketing Steps to Increase Your Inbox Notice

Despite the changing dynamics of digital marketing every day, e-mail marketing is still one of the most transformative strategies. So, how effective are the mails you send? How does it affect your target audience or what do you need to do to influence your audience more? We have written what you want to know to increase the conversion and opening rates of the mail campaigns you run:

Invest in Subject Line

The subject line, which is one of the most important points for e-mail, is the part that evokes and interacts with the content of the e-mail. Using this area efficiently will help you to be noticed among the hundreds of emails that fall into your inbox every day. So how?

You can make it easier to interact by choosing impressive headlines in the advertising slogan format that will attract users’ attention and trigger them to take action. Hundreds of e-mails that fall into their e-mail boxes every day are scanned quickly by users, and they are much more likely to click on the e-mail that attracts their attention, offers them what they are looking for, or has a curious topic. We have a few suggestions to make your preferred language of expression in the subject line more effective:

  • Ask a Question: Users get a higher rate of return to stimuli that aim to communicate with them personally. Using a strong factor like asking a question in the subject line will be a move emphasizing that you want to establish a personal connection with the users who will view your emails. Creating your subject line with a relevant question will spark interest in the user and encourage them to open your email to find the answer.
  • Give Command: You can place a command message in the subject line that will prompt the users to whom you have forwarded your e-mail. Using an encouraging message to reach your planned goal will alert users to make it easier for them to take action.
  • Use the Teaser Effect: Should it make sense for people to avoid watching commercials but watch movie trailers with curiosity? The teaser, which arouses curiosity and increases the desire to see the result, is also a very effective method for e-mail marketing. Be sure to use the interesting side of the teaser effect in the subject line. A teaser that you can associate with your brand will increase the tendency of the users to whom your mail is delivered to open the e-mail.
  • Create a List: The most read contents today are among the examples created by the listing method. People are more interested in listing-generated content that summarizes broad and comprehensive topics and makes it easier to read. Including the message in the subject line that will indicate that you are sending an e-mail presenting information quickly in the form of a list will be one of the steps that will positively affect the rate of opening your e-mail.
  • Make Announcement: Put an exciting innovation shared by your brand into your subject line. Creating the subject line of your e-mail with a message about announcing and informing about your brand innovation will encourage the users viewing your e-mail to see you as they know you and to read the e-mail for details.

Of course, there are things you should avoid in the subject line along with what you need to do. If we briefly touch on it, using advertisement phrases such as “buy now” that smells of sales and blazing publicity, including too many punctuation marks that give warning messages will increase the possibility of your mail being marked as spam. In other words, the essence of the matter is to prefer a language that will arouse and encourage interest rather than an advertising air that forces sales, it will be right for your brand.

Your Email Should Have a Destination

Does your e-mail raise awareness of the people you reach towards your goal? One of the most important points that you should pay attention to is that you set a goal for your e-mail and the content you prepare reflects this goal.

Is your goal to increase the sales of a product? Or do you want to increase your website traffic? Want to create an attendee registration for an upcoming event? In your email, keep readers focused on the action you want to take. For this, instead of having too much text, include links in your e-mail that will direct users towards the target.

Provide a Reason to Action

Offer value that will encourage users to click on your email and take action towards the goal you set. For example, if you are a brand that wants to increase its sales through e-mail marketing, you can share this valuable announcement in your e-mail by creating a discount campaign that will alert your target audience to take action. Or, if you’re a fundraising brand, you can include a case study that will allow users to see how their contributions are working.

Personalize Your Email

Personalize your e-mail with the subject line where you include the other party’s name. A subject line with the name of the person to whom you will forward your e-mail will create a more noticeable effect for the user and a stimulating effect for your target. Research shows that the e-mails with the first names of the users in the subject lines have a higher opening rate than the e-mails that do not have a name and create a general message atmosphere. Users are more inclined to click on e-mails sent on their behalf than on e-mails that use a generic term such as “dear member”.

Dwt Mandalina / Dilşat İldiz / Advertising Writer

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