Effective Social Media Management Turning Crisis into Opportunity in Pandemic

The Covid-19 outbreak that has led to changes in the whole world order in recent months has increased the use of social media, which has become an integral part of our lives, to the top. In this extraordinary process where life has come to a standstill, communication and marketing processes have also shifted its position towards the digital world in order to ensure sustainability.

Crisis periods stand out as risky as well as critical times that can be seen as advantageous when correct steps are taken for brands to move forward with the right strategy and turn the situation into an opportunity. During the Covid-19 pandemic process, whose effects were felt all over the world, those who turned the crisis into an opportunity were brands that anticipated changing social media dynamics and created flexibility in their strategies. Instead of high marketing budgets, catching the right insight and building loyalty by connecting with users came to the fore.

Messages Understanding the Consumer Reached the Target Quickly

The pandemic process that affects not only our country but also every part of the world formed common fears, anxieties, expectations, desires and behavior patterns. Understanding what is going on in the minds of the consumer and using this point in an effective tool to establish emotional bonds has been one of the most effective steps for brands to rise in social media interaction. Brands that turn their focus to interaction have proven their success in social media management with their content using the right message.

Adapting to Changing Social Media Dynamics Brought Success

The indispensable basic step in the successful maintenance of digital brand management is to determine the right brand strategy and to achieve the flexibility that adapts to the rapidly changing dynamics of the digital world in line with brand values. While the social media dynamics, which were normally valid in the past, evolved in a completely different direction with the pandemic, the situation of being online at all times became our agenda.

The criteria that enable the analysis of consumer behavior from working patterns to working hours, from the frequency of visits of users to hours of intense interaction have taken place in the change. By correctly interpreting social media statistics, brands that take the risk to differentiate their sharing and content strategies according to the changing habits of the users have managed to turn the crisis period into an opportunity.

Knowing the Target Audience Made Easy to Meet on the Right Medium

The fact that each channel of social media has its own dynamics and a variable user profile is of great importance in terms of which social media brands should be positioned on. Brands, which implement their content production and campaign processes on the platform where they can interact with their target audience and transform, successfully used the power of social media during the pandemic process. Knowing the target audience well, knowing where and in what language they should be spoken once again came to the fore as one of the most important factors used in digital brand management with the pandemic process.

Dwt Mandalina / Dilşat İldiz / Advertising Writer

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