Showcase of Brands in the Digital World: AdWords

As we entered the 2000s, advertising activities in the world, which has become increasingly digital, were also greatly affected by the digital age. In the face of the traditional advertising concept, a new advertising service that can reach large audiences with one click has emerged: Google AdWords!

AdWords can be defined as an advertising service created by Google that allows advertisers to show clickable ads in Google’s search results. AdWords stands out as an advertising platform that allows brands to create online ads to reach people who are interested in their products or services. Using the pay per click system, AdWords works by bidding on the relevant ‘keywords’ that advertisers want to appear in paid search results. Google offers the ads of the brand that advertises to users searching with relevant keywords in paid search results. In AdWords, where the pay-per-click system operates, advertisers make their payments when users click on the opened ad. Among the places where you will see ad campaigns per click are search engines (Google, Bing etc.), banner ads, social media ads.

The more pay per click (PPC), the more likely your ad will appear in search results. However, the highest bid is not the only criterion considered in AdWords ads. Along with this criterion, the “quality score” criterion defined by Google is also a very important factor. What is this quality score, let’s see together:

Notable Criterion: What is Quality Score?

The main point for Google is; How relevant your ads are to the users searching and the keywords they searched for. It is an important metric that the landing page directed by your ad is linked to your targeted keywords and your ad content, while the click-through rate is one of the most important points. These metrics, which make up your quality score and are controlled by Google, are one of the most important details for a successful AdWords advertisement. Even if your bid is less than your competitor’s offer, a higher quality score will have a positive effect on your ad.

In order to reach a better position in your advertising campaigns with less cost, the most basic conditions are to evaluate the ad group, campaign and ad level of your account as high quality. Google ranks ads primarily by quality score and bid for cost per click. A target audience correctly identified for the AdWords ad campaign, keywords that will make it easier for you to reach the target audience and the interest that the target audience can click; will bring success with it. Having a good quality score is important for your ads to be successful, so you should create ad campaigns by paying attention to these metrics.

The effectiveness of a Google AdWords campaign can be subjective based on your brand’s needs, goals, and specific industries. Your success on Google AdWords can be determined by a number of factors:

• How competitive are the keywords you bid on?

• Quality of your ad and calls to action

• The amount of money you spend and bidding strategies

• The quality of your website and the landing pages your ads lead to

One of the Most Critical Metrics for Advertising Campaigns: Bidding

You pay Google AdWords for each click on your ad campaign by users. The prices you want to pay for each click and set are also called cost per click (CPC). If you can choose a maximum bid amount and set the automatic option, Google will select the bid amount for you within your budget and theoretically bring you the most clicks possible within that budget.

Why Should Brands Use AdWords?

As a result of the digital age, people around the world now use Google searches to access information about a product or service. Most users go online for reasons such as accessing the information they are looking for, comparing a product or service to buy with others, contacting a company, reading comments about a place to go.

In the modern age, where every action is transferred to digital platforms, the fact that a business does not appear in internet searches results in a considerable decrease in its income and profit compared to its competitors. At this point, Google AdWords stands out as one of the very important digital marketing techniques that companies use to protect the existing competitive power in their market. If we list the advantages of Google AdWords for brands:

  • Instant Exposure: Your ad can show in the top 5 results on the Google search results page for related searches.
  • Geographic Targeting: You can target your ads to the correct geographic regions where the audience you want to reach.
  • Reporting: Google AdWords reporting allows you to determine which keywords are working or not, the clickthrough rate of your ads, and much more.
  • Budgeting: Google AdWords works well for all budget types and gives you the ability to manage your bids and budgets.

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Dwt Mandalina / Dilşat İldiz / Advertising Writer

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