How to Create Brand Identity that will determine your position in the consumer mind?

Just as we make certain definitions when introducing or talking about people in daily life, this also applies to brands. Brand identity; is how the brand is envisioned by the target audience and how it is positioned differently from the others.

How to benefit the target audience, the value gained and the position acquired in minds; forms the basis of brand identity. The brand needs an identity that offers consistency in order to be memorable, to promote it and to be preferable by connecting with the target audience. In order to gain a permanent place in minds by developing in line with brand goals, a brand identity must be created by taking certain criteria into consideration. Well, what creates the basic perception about the brand; How should the brand identity be revealed? Let’s examine it together:

Define the Audience You Want to Reach

While preparing to take your place in the market with your product or service, to determine which target group you will appeal with detailed researches and analyzes; will make you advantageous while creating your brand identity. You can create a brand identity that will capture the emotions of your target audience by determining the characteristics and expectations of your target audience who will make the purchasing decision.

Determine In Which Tone Your Brand Will Speak

You should choose your communication tone according to the perception you want to create about your brand in the consumer. You can create the right brand identity in the minds of the target audience by setting a tone consistent with the benefit and value you provide.

Crown Your Brand With A Name That Makes A Difference

When choosing a brand name, which has a great impact on purchasing behavior and customer loyalty, take care to create a whole with your identity. A brand name with features that will adapt to the point where you position your brand will easily gain a foothold in the minds of the consumer.

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Let Your Slogan Tell You!

You can strengthen your brand identity by creating a slogan that is interesting, easy to remember, gives a message about the brand’s identity, keeps the brand in mind and includes all the components that make up the brand. You can get the chance to reflect your values that create your identity with the slogan that makes it easier for the consumer to position you in his mind.

Get Attention With Your Logo!

No doubt, when a brand name is mentioned, logo designs come to mind. The logo, which has such a strong effect in creating brand identity; should be compatible with the values and positioning of the brand. A logo that will reflect your corporate identity by differentiating you from your competitors and will give confidence with the perception created in the mind of the target audience; will succeed in attracting attention to your brand.

Take Advantage From the Power of Colors on Perception

Colors that make a strong impact on psychology, behavior and decision making; It is one of the most effective methods we use in logo design to reveal the emotion we want to evoke in the target audience. When choosing colors that affect the purchasing decision and mobilize the consumer, you can focus on alternatives that will match the values of your brand identity and include in your logo.

If we give an example of color choices that create harmony with the elements of brand identity; we see that the red color, which increases blood pressure and appetite, is used extensively in fast food brands such as MC Donald’s. Milka, which uses the purple color, the symbol of expensive and luxury, becomes one of the brands that reflect the elements that harmonize with the brand identity on its logo.

Reflect the Consistency to Your Brand Identity

While each step that you will implement meticulously and meticulously helps you to build your brand identity, continue consistently after you set off; it will contribute to the establishment of your brand identity in a strong position in the mind of the consumer and will strengthen your brand image.

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