Creating an Impressive Brand Name That will take place in the memories

rand name, which is one of the factors affecting the branding process; In the modern age, where competition is growing, without the sector noticing, it must have distinctive features in order to stand out from its competitors. Brand name that makes a brand memorable and creates an image in the mind of the target audience; should be selected by understanding the target audience and applying the right strategic steps.

In this content, we have compiled the answer to the question of how to create a brand name that evokes the product or service of the brand, is compatible with the brand personality, and has an originality that will make the brand different from the competitors in the market:

Consider Your Competitors with Market Research

By analyzing your current competitors in your sector, you can evaluate which paths they follow in name studies and create a road map that will make you different. It is one of the first steps to be taken to examine the competitors for the name that will not create a similar perception in the target audience and will not evoke other brands.

Know Your Target Audience Well

You should determine who you will address with the product or service you offer, analyze your potential target audience in detail and list their distinctive features. Defining your target audience correctly; will be your biggest help in determining what name you should start with.

Reflect the Benefits and Differences to the Brand Name

When determining the brand name, try to reflect the promise and benefit you provide with the product or service your brand covers, taking into account the needs of your target audience.

Thus, your brand name will be your most important tool in introducing yourself; by emphasizing the benefit you offer, it will create a positive perception in the consumer mind. With its name emphasizing the quality of offering a wide range of products, Hepsiburada brand is one of the successful names in creating a positive perception in the mind of the consumer with the benefit it provides.

Get On The Road With The Right Keywords

In order for your brand name to be understandable by your target audience, you can use keywords that will reflect the sector in which your brand will exist and remind you in which area it will offer services or products. You can create a list of names that will adapt to your brand personality through keywords that reflect your field, and apply the derivation method. Compatible with the service brand offers; you can choose a descriptive name such as Turkish Airlines, or use an associative name, as we see in the Simitçi Dünyası brand.

Make Your Choice For Simplicity With Easy-To-Read Words

A brand name that is hard to pronounce, long and phonetically incompatible; will not be an advantageous choice in terms of keeping and remembering the target audience. So how should a different brand name be that attracts the consumer?

  • It should have a simple expression
  • Should offer global compatibility in line with brand goals
  • It should reflect the essence of its sector and service area
  • Should highlight the benefit on offer
  • Should be open to adaptation and flexibility
  • It should not create a negative connotation in the consumer
  • It should be in line with the brand strategy

Derive Names Suitable for the Semantic and Morphological Structure of the Brand

You can prepare name alternatives that are compatible with the personality of the brand by determining criteria such as whether the brand name will be meaningful on its own, in which languages it will make sense, and how long the letter length will be according to the target audience it addresses.

You can choose a short and simple word to reflect your business, or you can derive new words that are compatible in terms of phonetics and meaning from the keywords you have determined. You can get inspiration from brand names that make a difference, such as 7 Up, T-Box; created with a short spelling method, Büyümix; derived from syllables, Mado; semantic compatibility, and Tatilya created by the harmony of the name with the subject.

Final Step: Ensure Name Registration Check

After determining the names that will best fit your brand with the method of elimination from the list you have created, and reducing them in number; You should check the domain name eligibility for the trademark registration and website. Thus, you can take a step that gives confidence to the sector in which you will exist while preserving your originality for your brand.

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