As a Manager, How Do You Affect the Children of the Digital Age?

Can social media, that challenges traditional channels and enables new management generations by focusing on innovation against optimization change against continuity, lose its effect with restrictions or regulations?

Social Media Became Like The Air That Surrounded Us

Social media has become like the air surrounding us with its unique and strengths such as the innovations it brings to business and social life, the infrastructure it provides for the development of new business models, and the direction changes in the hierarchy. These channels, which have managed to enter the daily life of all generations, are an indispensable part of life for children of the digital age; tool for learning, playing, sharing, relationship and connection.

Developing Online Experience Also Affects Managers

Social media, which nurtures its power and influence with innovations and has become the operating center of digital children’s lives, is critical for managers. This value will be understood more clearly in the coming years. CEOs, who are managers in the authority and traditional structure, will have to employ and direct employees who do not recognize authority and constantly ask “WHY?” CEOs need to understand why social media is indispensable for their future employees to manage the process successfully. That’s why I have prepared a short list for you. Your acceptance of the value of those on this list will make your company a reason for preference for tomorrow’s employees.

You Can’t Kill Ideas on Social Media

In the online world, all ideas, whether liked or not, have a chance to be supported. You can not stop talking about a topic you are trying to suppress. Social media is not an area where a certain group has a voice. It offers equality.

Contribution is Valuable, Not Status in Social Media

When posting a video on social media, no one questions your cinema knowledge or wants to know your academic qualifications for the blog you’re writing. The important thing is that you can do something that can add value to the medium. Your contribution is noteworthy, not your resume.

There Are No Tasks Given On Social Media, There Are Choices

In social media, nobody gives directions, people can work on the subject they want. They can create their own projects. Orders turn into preferences.

Rewards on Social Media Are Not Limited to Money

While traditional managers base their rewards on money, the new generation expects much more. Social media gives inherent rewards such as achievement, belonging, appreciation and contribution. It offers new discoveries for those who want more than money.

If we summarize what the examples we give on social media mean;

Do not kill ideas, create spaces of freedom, do not impose, honor contributions, forget hierarchies, reward beyond money.

If you need support on what to focus on in your corporate communications while employing new generation talents, seek professional help.

Dwt Mandalina / Nurettin YAY / Head of the Agency

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